Unique Ways 3d Technology Is Being Utilized in The Business World


Businesses across the country are opening their doors to the innovative ideas available with 3D technology. Specialized printers are being used to create brand new products and tweak existing products already on the market. The technology is also helping companies become more efficient in the way they do business.

Boeing is one company utilizing 3D printers to create parts for planes serving the military and commercial market. Hasbro, the popular toy and game manufacturer, has been using 3D printing for a number of their products to improve the play experience for children. Even Hershey’s famous chocolate company uses 3D printers to create candy bars and intricate edible designs.

3D printing technologies are moving quickly through the business world and it is expected to only grow larger in the coming years.

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3 Fields of Work that Use 3D Printers


  1. Medical – Reports have shown that 3D printers have been able to print out working prosthetics and organs. These have been used in two ways; to treat patients and to practice surgeries. 3D printed organs give doctors the chance to practice surgeries without putting someone’s life at risk.
  2. Aerospace – 3D printers are used to print parts used in planes. Some companies have had their 3D printed parts certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. So, not only are these parts amazing, they are also certified.
  3. Gaming – The first usable 3D printed controller was created this year and works well. This is a huge step in 3D printing, and soon there may be 3D printed consoles!


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3 Tips for 3D Print Designing


  1. Know Printer Limitations: While 3D printers are making the unthinkable into reality, these machines do have limitations. Make sure you know what kinds of designs your 3D printer model can handle before starting your design endeavor.
  2. Supports: Make sure you add various supports in your 3D printed item during the design phase, to ensure its stability when converted from virtual to tangible reality.
  3. De-stress: 3D prints can be quite fragile during the printing process. Consider how to align your print, printing the heaviest parts first, to avoid brakes along the way.

Do you have models ready for 3D printing? 3D Tech Inc. offers fabulous 3D printing services. Just send over your file, and they will easily print your creation.

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Hiring A Full Service Fabrication and Machine Shop


If you’re in an industry that requires high quality machine parts, it’s very necessary to find the best possible fabrication and machine shop for your needs. Through state of the art machinery and expert engineers, it’s now easier than ever to take your project to the next level. Whether it’s a small quantity prototype part or large production volume order, you can satisfy your technological needs. In a year where 3D printing is more impressive than ever, it’s important to take advantage of these capabilities.


To hire a company capable of great feats in CNC machining, 3D printing and fabricating, go to 3dtech-

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2 Essential Tips to Bringing your Idea to Life


So we’ve all seen websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo but while it is true that it’s getting easier to bring ideas to life there are certain areas that still require utmost attention.

1. Paperwork: Paperwork is the backbone of any company, anything from supplying contracts to getting your idea patented. This is one area that you absolutely can not neglect.

2.Fabrication: Fabrication doesn’t have to mean the final product. Many companies will 3D print of fabricate an idea before they even present it to investors. Providing someone with a prototype model can really help put the possibilities of your idea into prospective.

Are you looking to fabricate an idea you have? 3D Tech works with a variety of different clients in a variety of different industries and gives them the tools to take the dream project to the next level.

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