3 Fields of Work that Use 3D Printers


  1. Medical – Reports have shown that 3D printers have been able to print out working prosthetics and organs. These have been used in two ways; to treat patients and to practice surgeries. 3D printed organs give doctors the chance to practice surgeries without putting someone’s life at risk.
  2. Aerospace – 3D printers are used to print parts used in planes. Some companies have had their 3D printed parts certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. So, not only are these parts amazing, they are also certified.
  3. Gaming – The first usable 3D printed controller was created this year and works well. This is a huge step in 3D printing, and soon there may be 3D printed consoles!


Get all of your Aerospace components from http://3dtech-inc.com/ They have Federal Aviation Administration certified parts, and can help you complete your project.


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